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Physical Education Faculty

Pushkin Leningrad State University is the largest centre for developing university sports in Leningrad Oblast. In different years sportsmen – students of the University – won of prestigious Russian and international competitions.

The University offers students to choose various kinds of sports (boxing, volleyball, track and field athletics, swimming, fencing, judo) and different grades of participation, ranging from keeping physical fitness to achieving results in professional sports. For many graduates the sports base of Pushkin LSU became the first step on the way to the international Championships and the Olympic Games.

Faculty includes the following departments:

Department of physical education and sports performs functions of the profile department and the interfaculty one, providing the educational process in the profile disciplines of Physical Education Faculty and on subjects of Physical Culture and Life Safety for students of other faculties. The teaching staff of the chair – 39 teachers, among them two doctors of Sciences, 20 candidates of Sciences, four masters of sports of international class.

• Training methodical center provides the training process of the national teams of Pushkin Leningrad State University.

• Department of sports-mass work deals with organization and conducting of sports-mass events, sports competitions, and also ensures the participation of the University teams in competitions of different levels.


• Gymnasium for indoor games is the largest playground in Pushkin district (total area is 700 m). Its equipment permits to conduct training classes for basketball, volleyball, futsal, gymnastics, athletics, etc.

• Gym for combat sports and martial arts fighting is equipped with tatami floor, audio and video hardware, mirrors. There is a locker room, showers, the coach’s.

• Swimming pool (Gorbunki Village)

Swimming Pool was opened for public in 2013. There are 6 lanes in the 25-meter pool.

• Gym for Physical Therapy is intended for classes in physical therapy.

• The Weight Room is equipped by weight machines for powersports classes.

Boxing Gym is designed for professional training in boxing. There are boxing ring, training area, fitness area, locker rooms, showers, the coach’s and seating area for 150 seats. This gym is intended for competitions of various levels.

• Dance Hall is purposefully designed for dance lessons and training the University cheerleaders. It is equipped with mirrors and the barre and has high quality parquet floor.


• 49.03.02 Physical Education for Persons with Disabilities (Physical Therapy)

• 44.03.01 Pedagogical Education (Physical Education)


• 49.04.01 Physical Education

• 44.04.01 Pedagogical Education (Health and Fitness Technologies)



Students of the Faculty have training practices in different educational institutions, sports and health organizations. The graduates are qualified specialists in sport industry and sport pedagogy. They successfully work as physical education teachers, sport consultants, instructors and tutors. Many graduates build their career arranging and managing sport events. They are directors of sport institutions and schools, representatives of local governments working in the field of physical culture and sports. Many students prefer continuing their professional sport career.



• Volleyball

• Pilates

• Athletic gymnastics

• Swimming

• Futsal

• Aerobics

• Cheerleading

• Power sports

• Boxing

• Basketball

• Fitness

• Ski racing

• Athletics

• Badminton



196605, St. Petersburg, Pushkin, Peterburgskoe shosse, 10.

Telephone: +7(812)451-91-74

E-mail: sport-konlgu@yandex.ru