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Since its foundation in 1993, the Faculty has trained more than 3,000 highly qualified Russian language and literature teachers, specialists in public relations and journalists.


Nowadays there are two departments at the Faculty: Literature and Russian Language Department and Public Relations and Mass Communication Department. The Faculty’s teaching staff consists of 20 people (including 4 Doctors of Science and 9 Candidates of Science), who carry out various educational and academic work, publish their monographs, textbooks, workbooks and reading-books for students, as well as they work at grants for research in the fields of individual academic studies.


It is possible for students of the Faculty to have training practice in regional and federal mass media, including such TV channels as «LOT» (Leningrad Oblast TV), «Channel 5», and newspapers – «Gaudeamus», «Vedomosti», «Vesti», etc.


The most successful students have the opportunity to participate in the student exchange programme which implements the cooperation agreement with the University of Bergamo (Italy).




The Faculty trains specialists for educational institutions of St. Petersburg and Leningrad Oblast as well as municipal administrations, mass media, etc.


Future journalists and PR specialists take part in creating media programmes for TV channels «LOT» (Leningrad Oblast TV) and «Channel 5», as well as they work for big publishing houses («Gaudeamus», «Vedomosti», «Vesti», etc.)


The students improve their professional skills by writing articles and editing the monthly student newspaper. From the very beginning of their studying at the Faculty students are at work upon their independent projects, which they present at local and national contests, such as «The Russian National Endow», «I will be appreciated in the XXI century», «PR INTER VOICE», etc.


The Faculty’s students and post-graduates take part in international exchange programs with the University of Bergamo (Italy).



• 42.03.02 Journalism

• 42.03.01 Publicity and Public Relations

• 44.03.01 Pedagogical Education (Russian Language and Literature)



• 42.04.02 Journalism

• 42.04.01 Publicity and Public Relations

• 44.04.01 Pedagogical Education (Russian Language and Literature)



• 10.02.01 Russian Language

• 10.01.01 Russian Literature




Dean's Office

Telephone: (812) 346-53-28

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Public Relations and Mass Communication Department

196605, St. Petersburg, Pushkin, Peterburgskoe shosse, 10, room 128

Telephone: (812) 387-87-74

E-mail: kafreklama@mail.ru


Literature and Russian Language Department

188502, Leningrad Oblast, Lomonosov District, Gorbunki Village, 27, room 303

Telephone: (812) 346-53-28, 451-98-42.

E-mail: kafit@yandex.ru