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Research Laboratory For Molecular Genetics

The main areas of research at the Laboratory include:

  • human and animal genetic geography
  • comparative genomics of mammals and birds
  • bioinformatics and systemic biology
  • identification of genes and their alleles that influence the expression of economically valuable traits in farm animals
  • genotyping and detection of heterozygous carriers of genetic abnormalities in humans and animals
  • genetic basis of antibiotic resistance in pathogenic bacteria.

The laboratory’s research activities cover a variety of projects, such as:

  • Genetic diversity in populations of reindeer (together with the University of Helsinki and Lapland nature reserve)
  • Diagnosing Gilbert's syndrome based on DNA sequencing (with the Centre for Emergency and Radiation Medicine, MES)
  • Comparative cytogenetic analysis of ostriches’ and Neognathae’s sex chromosomes, and the study of quantitative traits genetics in poultry (with the Polish Academy of Sciences)
  • Molecular genetic diagnostic kits for the estimation of intraspecific polymorphism in plants and animals for the purpose of environmental monitoring
  • Establishment of systems of DNA markers for breeding cattle dairy (with the Warmia and Mazury University);

Genetic basis of Helicobacterpilori antibiotic resistance (in colloboration with the Lodz Medical Academy).

The Head of the Laboratory is Alexey A. Sazanov (Professor, Doctor of Biological Sciences).